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Mobile Solutions - Android & iOS Development

Android and iOS Consulting

If you are a product development organization and are looking to extend your product on various mobile edition we can help. Having already built extensive mobile extension for our enterprise solutions our team know what it takes to extend your existing product on Mobile. Just show us the features of your product and we can help suggest how to build mobile Edition of your software product. With the exception of HR and Payroll systems (due to conflict of interest) our team can help build the mobile products for any other product including CRM, DMS, ERP or any other software product. We can work with you on either a technology partner model or on one time engagement. Our mobile consulting includes:

  • Identify target market
  • Design and Develop Mobile Interfaces
  • Expand existing products to multiple platforms
  • Work on ongoing Partnership Model (Revenue Sharing)
  • Work on BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) Model
  • Work on T&M (Time and Material) Model